Machinery/Equipment Loan


 For purchase of new Machinery/Equipment


 Businessmen, Small Industrialist, Professionals, Manufacturing Units, Service Provider etc.

Provider etc.

Loan Amount

70% of the Machinery / Equipment quotation value.


30% of the Machinery / Equipment quotation value

Repayment Period

 Maximum 60 months

Rate of interest

  • Loan Amount between Rs.1.00 Up to Rs.5,00,000 --- 10.00%
  • Loan Amount between Rs.5,00,001 to Rs.49,99,999 --- 09.75%
  • Loan Amount between Rs.50,00,000 to Rs.74,99,999 --- 09.50%
  • Loan Amount between Rs.75,00,000 to Rs.99,99,999 --- 09.25%
  • Loan Amount between Rs.1,00,00,000 and above --- 09.00%

Processing fee


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2.5% of the loan amount


 Two/Three guarantor required holding of the property & the Income Tax payer.


 Hypothecation of Asset Financed & Collateral Security in the form of Mortgage of Immovable Property if required.


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