Loan / Cash Credit Against Property




Self-employed, Professional Business Enterprise, Salaried

Purpose of the Loan

a)Business expansion / professional needs / marketing

b)Improvement/extension of existing property

c)Repayment of high interest bearing existing loans from other banks/FIs

d)Purchase of new shop / office / go down for business expansion

e)Working capital needs

Type Of Loan

Term Loan / Cash credit

Loan Amount

70% of  Valuation of Property

Rate of Interest

Term Loan / CC :-

  • Loan Amount between Rs. 0.00 to 5,00,000 --- 12.00%
  • Loan Amount between Rs. 5,00,001 to 49,99,999 --- 11.00%
  • Loan Amount Above Rs. 50,00,000 --- 10.75%


30% of valuation property / sale deed


Mortgage of Immovable property

Repayment of loan

For Term loan – Tenure: 7 to 15 Years by EMI

For Cash Credit – 3 Years

Title Clearance
and valuation

To be borne by the customer

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2.5 % of the loan amount (secured Loan) Unsecured Loan 5%


Two/Three guarantor possessing property and also Income tax-payer


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